Design of the project, working diagram, according to the type of crude oil provided (based on Assay) and desired refined products.

Advising, personnel training, installation and starting of the refinery. Our prices, unless indicated otherwise, do not include crude oil to be used by the refinery. The Price of our products, unless otherwise required, is Ex-works; as such, it does not include freight, taxes, duties, or other costs triggered in the delivery of the refinery to Mexico; nor civil construction, permits, etc.



If required, we can make turn key projects, including maintenance, operation and other related services.



In other cases, we may limit our participation in the project at hand to advising, or designing the engineering and supervising to be provided for the construction by the client.


Note. This information is based on current examples of Designed refineries. The requested refinery may vary in size

And refined products as those depend on the crude oil to  Be used and the desired refined products. Also bigger

Refineries may be designed.

Refinerías Modulares

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Refinerías modulares

Refinerías modulares México

Refinación México

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